Masonry Careers

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To learn more about careers in masonry, contact your local high school masonry instructor, local members of the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association, or contact NCMCA's Ryan Shaver:
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The Top Ten Reasons To Consider a Masonry Career!


Debt Free College tuition is a 4+ year financial commitment that comes with a mountain of debt. Conversely, masonry training programs are very cost-effective and provide an income while learning on the job site. What’s more, masonry construction is in high demand, which means there’s a good-paying career waiting for you the day you graduate.


Owning your own mason contracting business is a natural progression for many individuals who enter the field. Large or small, masonry contracting companies require strong leadership and people with vision. Regardless of where you start in masonry, every day is a learning experience that fosters the opportunity to create an enterprise that fulfills your entrepreneurial aspirations and successes.


As a mason, your “office” is the great outdoors, not a boxy cubicle surrounding a desk and chair. In construction, every job offers a change of scenery, keeping things as fresh as the outdoor air and full of new challenges.


The best way to maintain good physical and mental health is through exercise. While working in masonry, there’s no need for a gym membership or dedicating hours of your personal schedule to cardio and weight training. The work you perform each and every day keeps you active, in shape, and healthy…just like the doctor ordered.


Masonry is moving forward…fast! Yes, it has a strong history of traditional practices, yet it is a construction method that constantly integrates new technology and innovations to meet the competitive demands and safety expectations of the industry. Today’s advancements in products, equipment, and systems are continuously creating careers and expanding new markets.


Advancements in technology and innovation have made masonry a progressive industry full of career opportunities. From job site roles such as mason and laborer, foreman, and superintendent to executive responsibilities like estimator, project manager, marketing, and management, the ability to grow within an organization is always present.

#7) You can say “I BUILT THAT!”

Leave your mark on the world’s skyline and take real pride and satisfaction with the work that you do each day. Whether the project is a house, school, hospital, or sports stadium, as a mason every brick, block, or stone you install in the building is a special token of your commitment to expanding history and meeting the needs of mankind.


Skilled masons, foremen, and superintendents have the ability and confidence that you and your expertise can pack up and go wherever you choose because they are in demand throughout the world. When you’re ready for a change of scenery or a new adventure, the masonry industry has a new experience and destination awaiting you!


Masonry crews function like a well-oiled machine where all teammates work together to meet the challenges of the job and achieve a common goal. Much like the military or team sports, it’s a business of camaraderie where working relationships often become lasting friendships built on mutual respect.


The masonry business is performance-driven. On the job site where superior craftsmanship and productivity are highly rewarded, income levels are based on your skills, creative thinking, ambition, and commitment to success. The formula is simple and you control your future. The more skilled you become the higher your income and value to the organization... which may even be your own company someday.