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WELCOME TO THE North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association

Welcome to the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association website. We are dedicated to serving the masonry contractors of the Carolinas and to promoting masonry as the building material of choice and as a career option.

TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION Ongoing Training and Certification

Professional Development and Certification

The North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association Masonry Contractor Certification Program: Continuing Education, Professional Development, and Jobsite Expertise - The Result Is Better Masonry.

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Connect to fellow Carolina masonry professionals

Your membership in NCMCA connects you to fellow masonry contractors and to industry leaders not only in the Carolinas but throughout the southeast and the nation.

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ACTIVITIES We are an active association

From contests to training to recognition events, we are actively involved.

Our networking opportunities include annual conventions and many other activities.


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Consider these benefits:

  • Certification
  • Strong Industry Voice
  • Insurance
  • Continuing Education
  • Local Regional and State Networking
  • Apprenticeship and Training

Traditionally, masonry contracting firms are small businesses, often family-owned. Today, that description still fits most masonry contractors. NCMCA parlays the combined resources of members to meet the challenges of the masonry business in a manner mostly impossible for individual firms to do on their own. Like-minded individuals understand that none of us prosper unless masonry remains the undisputed building material of choice.

As masonry contractors, our competition is not each other, but rather the competing building systems that erode more of masonry's market share every day. Through the NCMCA Certification Program, with the support of apprenticeship and training, through government advocacy, continuing education, professional development, and promotion, the association is working hard for masonry every day!

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The Association for Carolina Masonry Professionals

NCMCA is dedicated to masons and to the Carolina masonry industry

NCMCA sponsors and partners to provide apprenticeship competitions and masonry training throughout the year and maintains a full-time training and workforce development coordinator on staff. The association participates in exhibits and promotional activities to promote masonry as a great career option and as the building material of choice. Check the NCMCA calendar for opportunities to participate.  MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM

Latest Articles

2022 David R. Sigmon Award

Christian Kluttz, an apprentice with Huntley Brothers Company, is the Champion of the 2022 NCMCA Annual Samuel A. McGee Memorial Masonry Apprentice Skills Contest and takes...


20 oct 2

Joyner Inducted to the Masonry Hall-of-Fame

NCMCA two-time Past President Gary Joyner (left) recently received national recognition for his contributions and ongoing involvement in the nation’s masonry industry....


20 oct 3

Changes at NCMCA

As of September, Ryan Shaver (left) is the new Association Manager and Executive Vice President of NCMCA and Jodi Helms joins the staff of NCMCA as Office Manager. The NCMCA...


two men with their project and prize

Success at Las Vegas

Christian Kluttz (left,) an apprentice with Huntley Brothers Company of Mint Hill, is the winner of the 2023 Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) Masonry Skills Challenge, Third Year Division...


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"The North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association is by and for the professional masonry contractors and masonry industry leaders of the Carolinas. Members and non-members alike benefit from NCMCA's ongoing advocacy of masonry in all its forms. We need you! Be a part of NCMCA!

Attend local chapter meetings. Join NCMCA to become an active participant in crafting masonry's bright future. Contact us today for more information."   MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM

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