The team of Grace Polo-Wood, Ben Stradling, Mylam Nestor, and Taylor Ligon have won the Annual NCMCA Sigmon Memorial Scholarship Design Competition at North Carolina State University. They will share a semester’s tuition as their prize. The competition required the team to design and model a hypothetical masonry office building. The competition is part of Professor J. Patrick Rand’s “Architectural Construction Systems” class at NC State University’s College of Design and is a graded class assignment. Ten teams participated in the “virtual” competition made necessary by current public health concerns. Projects were judged by NCMCA Past President Doug Burton and by architect and teacher Frank Harmon. Second place went to the team of Micah Holdsworth, Meg Maley, Selya Furukawa, and Ryan Fluharty. Third place was the team of Drew Dunphy, Brooklyn Scotto, Lauren Waterman, and Grace Riley and fourth place was the team of Barbara Espitia Toledo, Trent Baker, and Rushabh Patel.  The winning design is pictured.  The 2020 competition marks its twentieth year at NC State.   CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE