1. Participation supports NCMCA's efforts to promote masonry as a building material of choice and as a great career opportunity.

  2. Participation supports NCMCA lobbying of legislative and regulatory agencies and gives member firms the opportunity to help determine the issues and positions the Association pursues. NCMCA is a strong voice for the masonry industry.

  3. Member firms are part of an industry-wide effort supporting North and South Carolina's award winning school vocational programs.

  4. Members take advantage of NCMCA continuing education programs at local chapter meetings, conventions and at special Association sponsored workshops and seminars.

  5. Member firms have the privilege of becoming part of the NCMCA Insurance Program, exclusively for members. The program offers competitive prices from exceptional providers and underwriters who specialize in coverage for masonry and construction companies. The NCMCA Insurance Program can provide health and life insurance, employee benefits, liability insurance, bonding and workers comp.

  6. Membership includes a subscription to the North Carolina Masonry News, the quarterly newsletter of NCMCA. Members are included in the annual Association membership directory and in the NCMCA database which is made available to potential customers via mail, fax and the Association's website.

  7. Member firms have the privilege of implementing the NCMCA Safety Program within their firms. The Safety Program is a complete, ready to use binder of policies and procedures tailored for masonry contractors.

  8. The apprentices of member firms can compete in the annual NCMCA Apprentice Skills Contest, a celebration of masonry as a career choice and an opportunity for prizes and recognition for the Association's up-and-coming masons.

  9. Members enjoy fellowship with like-minded individuals through local chapter meetings, conventions, Association golf tournaments, workshops and special projects. NCMCA is a perfect way to "network" within the southeast's masonry industry.

  10. Although not restricted to members, NCMCA provides a Masonry Contractors Certification program for individuals and for companies. NCMCA Certification is quickly becoming the recognized standard for quality masonry installation in the Carolinas.  (Watch the video)

  11. Members get personal satisfaction from "putting something back" into a business that has provided well for so many.

Check out the NCMCA Insurance Program, exclusively for members, contact:

(800) 849-8545 (Liability & Worker's Compensation)

(800) 249-7246 (Health & Life)

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"The North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association is by and for the professional masonry contractors and masonry industry leaders of the Carolinas.  Members and non-members alike benefit from NCMCA's ongoing advocacy of masonry in all its forms.  We need you!  Be a part of NCMCA!

Attend local chapter meetings.  Join NCMCA to become an active participant in crafting masonry's bright future.  Contact us today for more information."

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United States of America